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Our Product

Our process begins with selective buying by our expert team. Over the years we have combined our experience in selecting prime quality raw seaweed and processing them with our own innovative methods to deliver first quality functional carrageenan. In recent years carrageenan has also been applied into many other industries such as beauty and personal care products, pharmaceuticals as well as biodegradable packaging.

Our company produces 100% pure KAPPA and IOTA carrageenan; additionally, we offer to collaborate with our customers in order to meet their unique requirements.

Pure Carragenan

Kappa Carrageenan
IOTA Carrageenan

Custom Carragenan

Artagum | Meat Processing Products
Cappiogum | Jelly-Based Products
Secagum | Dairy Products



Meat Application

Improves its quality by enhancing its texture, slice-ability, and mouthfeel
Increases product yield and juiciness
Excellent stabilizing and gelling agent
Provides stability to freeze-thaw cycling



Jelly - Based Application      

Contributes to gel firmness and minimize syneresis
Cost effective
Provides higher melting and gelling temperature


Dairy Application

Imparts a creamy, firm body
Prevents precipitation of milk casein
Imparts homogenous appearance and texture to flavoured milk for longer period of time
Provides excellent mouthfeel and flavor release


Personal Care Application

Improves appearance by creating stable, dry and solid textured gels
Promotes uniform release of fragrance oil
Increases shelf life
Enriches texture, stability and overall efficacy of the end products
Gives excellent homogeneity and texture
Provides easy application and good rinseability