To be the leading Carrageenan producer


1. Our priority is customer satisfaction
2. To innovate and improve our product as required by the industry.


The main line of production is the extraction of Carrageenan of KAPPA and IOTA types, extracted from the red seaweed of Eucheuma cottonii and Eucheuma spinosum. Galic Carrageenan products are marketed in the Indonesian market and into Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Australia.

Affiliated Companies

PT. Galic Bina Mada

CHemical and specialty product trading

Refined Carrageenan Processing

PT. Multikimia intipelangi

TExtile COlouring 


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Fair Compensation


To ensure that our workers and their families are able to afford the basic standard of living, we are committed to pay our workers regularly, on-time and in accordance to the legal minimum.


Working Hour


We believe that our workers deserve healthy working hour with fair compensation for overtime. Subsequently this allows us to maintain the quality of our product through minimizing human error. 



Health and Safety


It is our priority to create a safe environment for our workers to promote overall wellbeing.




Within our company, we try to foster friendship and the feeling of belonging. We host yearly outing for our workers to get together and create bond that persist beyond workplace. We also help our employee who have financial difficulties by providing subsidies and loan to help them and their family.